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Welcome to this website. I am the Organic Retiree and my name is Thom Stark. The term Organic originated when I received a health diagnosis several years ago. And, my health status impacted every area of my life. So what is Organic about the Organic Retiree website? Here are just a few of the main points:

  1. Retirement or a shift in focus to a new career focus. In my case, I was able to retire from the health care field. I quickly discovered that my passion to help others had not changed. What did change was the desire to look at health care from a different point of view and pursue my passion in new and refreshing ways.
  2. Health and wellbeing. I needed to make changes in my diet and eat more nutritionally. My previous eating lifestyle, which I thought was a good one, actually promoted some of the difficulties that I faced. It necessitated research into healthier ways of eating. I discovered that there are solutions to health problems simply by improving our nutrition intake.
  3. Stress reduction. How where should I begin. Our emotional health improves dramatically when we feel loved, appreciated and we are following the passion that is within all of us. As my healthcare career advanced, I lost my passion for that line of work. In that sphere of medicine, the work place had become all about compliance and work rules. The creativity that I had been able to use early in my career no far less important than it had been. The field changed. But I had not.