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I am the Organic Retiree and my name is Thom Stark. The term Organic originated when I received a health diagnosis several years ago. And, my health status impacted every area of my life. So what is Organic about the Organic Retiree website? Here are just a few of the main points:

So What’s Organic

  1. Retirement or a shift in focus to a new career focus. In my case, I was able to retire from the health care field. I quickly discovered that my passion to help others had not changed. What did change was the desire to look at health care from a different point of view and pursue my passion in new and refreshing ways?
  2. Health and wellbeing. I needed to make changes in my diet and eat more nutritionally. My previous eating lifestyle, which I thought was a good one, actually promoted some of the difficulties that I faced. It necessitated research into healthier ways of eating. I discovered that there are solutions to health problems simply by improving our nutrition intake as well as removing chemically laden personal care products.Organics and being Alkaline
  3. Stress reduction. How where should I begin. Our emotional health improves dramatically when we feel loved, appreciated and we are following the passion that is within all of us. As my healthcare career advanced, I lost my passion for that line of work. In that sphere of medicine, the workplace had become all about compliance and work rules. The creativity that I had been able to use early in my career no far less important than it had been. The field changed. But I had not.
  4. Environmental Toxins. I think that all of us understand that air and water pollution can impact our lives. Yet, did you know about the nearly 25,000 new chemicals have been added to products that we apply or consume daily have been developed since 1984. How many of those have been tested for their impact on long, term chronic health? The answer is less than 300 and fewer than 8 have been banned from use. 

Organic Abundance

As I studied these various issues, it became abundantly clear that there has to be a better way. This site is dedicated to improving the quality of life for those who are looking for a better way.