Paradigm Shifts: Emerging Trends in Retirement and Health Care

Emerging Paradigm Shifts

Six key areas mark the new emerging paradigm shifts.

Implications of the Emerging Paradigm Shifts

North Americans are living longer and facing increased healthcare insurance premiums and healthcare costs. North Americans must also address stagnant income and develop new strategies to growing income in order to compensate for this new realities.

My Passion

I retired from my healthcare career two years ago. Yet, my passion to help others live “life as it should be” has not changed. In fact, it has multiplied exponentially: I help people improve their health and well-being and, for those that desire, I help create full-time incomes from home. I’m building a team of thousands who are changing the world, one person at a time. Anybody can do this and you can as well. Click below for more information about detoxifying your health and potentially your income.


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