The Truth About Toxic Chemicals

I came upon a shocking truth that simply blows my mind.  There is almost no government regulation in the personal care products industry.  That’s right, almost none!!!  Companies are not required to test chemicals for long term health effects on people.  You read that right!!!!!!  Companies are not required to test chemicals for long term health effects on people.

And you know what, it is effecting our health and the health of those around us.

If you think the government is looking out for your health by making sure the products you use everyday are safe, think again.  Personal care products – including everything from toothpaste to makeup to shampoo – are FULL of questionable ingredients, and the FDA has no authority to test cosmetics products for safety before they’re sold in stores.

Many of these products can contain hazardous ingredients like endocrine-distupting phthalates, formaldehyde, a known carcinogen and the toxic pesticide atrazine.   Atrazine, which is banned in Europe, is so potent that it turns male frogs into female frogs. Atrazine is a widespread contaminant in American drinking water. Monsanto just announced it’s merging with the chemical giant Bayer into one huge mega-corporation – expanding its power over our food supply to an unprecedented level and giving its toxic pesticides even wider reach. Most people do not know this, but there are over 20,000 more chemicals in our life today and in the products we use than in 1985. Did you know that by 9 AM every morning, the average woman has over 200 chemicals in her body from what she has put on? This includes shampoo, skincare, and cleaning products. Americans are being poisoned, and the government isn’t doing a damn thing about it.  I know it sounds shocking but it is true.  So I have a question for you:  Who sold us on this crazy lifestyle of man-made chemicals and toxins as being acceptable in our homes, bodies and life?   What can we do about it.

It’s INEXCUSABLE that the government has done so little to protect us from chemicals that have been shown to cause cancer at even insanely low levels. By not establishing a national safety limit, our government has allowed millions of Americans – including our children! – to ingest harmful chemicals on a daily basis.

But we can also take our power back in the marketplace.  There are personal care products available, right now, that are 100% toxin free. Safe, pure, clean and healthy.  Right now retailers are adding organic, toxin free products to their shelves.  Imagine reversing this script.  Instead of grocery stores having organic food sections, that the opposite took place. That is, having sections of foods labeled as chemically produced and the organic food would simply be marked as “food.”  We need to take back our power.  Find out what is soaking you.  For a copy of a free toxicity report click





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