Capture Your Thoughts and Tame Your Tongue.

The most important thoughts you have are the ones you have of yourself, and the most important things you say are what you say to yourself.

My most recent posts focused on making a decision, a conscience decision to change and that success is obtainable when we frame success properly. One of my passions in life is business building and experiencing all that can be accomplished through personal growth and development.  There is lots of good information out there about following the building blocks to create success.  Going through logical, orderly progressions makes sense. But let me ask you this question.  Do we really act like we believe and how do we know it?  The most important thoughts you have are the ones you have of yourself, and the most important things you say are what you say to yourself.  

Scripture talks about the importance of taming the tongue.  Why?  Because the words that we speak reflect what is really in our heart.  Especially those words that we speak when we are alone, by ourselves.  Our words are an accurate reflection of what is in our hearts.  They mirror who we really are.  2 Corinthians 4:13 (NIV) puts it this way:  “It is written: “I believed, therefore I have spoken.”  With that same spirit of faith we also believe and therefore speak”,……  Interesting isn’t it.  Our words are the manifestation of what we really believe.  Take to heart the first and foremost equipping for success available to us.  Our words.  Our words are potent. Using our tongue inappropriately is an effective way of denying ourselves of that which we truly are.  We talk ourselves out of achievement, out of succeeding when, in fact, we have all of the tools and resources needed to complete to achieve.  Harnessing our Words appropriately drives us forward and empowers us to fulfill what we set out to fulfill.


The traditional way we think of taming our tongue is this. Eliminate gossip, lying, profanity, rudeness, and misusing God’s name.  True enough, we should eliminate that sort of negativity from our speech.  Yet, it is also true is that we frequently speak negativity into our own situation or circumstances.  We might say things like:  “I’m so dumb”, or “I can never do that.”  Truth be told, we are not that dumb and we can do way more than we think we can.  We simply talk ourselves out of doing.

Speak truth, speak light, speak life into your believes, thoughts, words and actions.  Speak the same into the lives of those around you.  It starts with you but extends to your family, friends, acquaintances, and even your enemies.  Capture your thoughts. Fortify your beliefs and speak forth the truth or the intention of your goal. You and I, we can do it.  You and I, we must do it.  Search your heart, know your truth, and speak into your situation.  Declare your actions and success.  It will happen.


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