Are You Prepared for the Truth?

I love inspirational quotes and I happened upon this Henry Ford quote earlier today. “We are here for experience, and experience is a preparation to know the Truth when we meet it.” Not sure what it means to you but the quote really spoke to my heart.

A few months ago I saw the movie “Sully”, the story of Chesley Sullenberger, who in 2009, landed a commercial airliner in New York’s Hudson River. 155 passengers and crew were on board, all of whom survived, although many suffered minor injuries. Shortly after takeoff, the plane collides with a flock of birds, disabling both of the engines. Without power, Sully had to make critical decisions within seconds. Could they make to back to La Guardia or another nearby airport for an emergency landing.


What impressed me the most about the story is not the ending. The biggest impression is how uniquely prepared Sully was for this emergency. The movie depicts Sully’s early training when learning to fly, his experience flying in the military, and lessons learned while investigating crash scenes. All of his past experience and knowledge was needed in those critical moments and Sully was prepared when the moment of truth arrived.

Prepared? or Prepared!!

Chesley Sullenberger’s story is very dramatic. He was uniquely prepared. Our lives may not have those “big” moments where we are called upon to make huge, life-saving decisions. Yet, every experience that we have had prepares us for something yet to come. That is, if we recognize it and use our knowledge to prepare for what lies ahead.

Far too often, people ignore life’s lessons and we miss those opportunities. I think that it is equally true regardless if we’ve experienced great success or failure. We stop processing life’s lessons and forget that something else is coming. Maybe we seek comfort, safety or security. Has complacency set in your life? Or a type of arrogance, which tells us, that we know it all, when the reality is different. Maybe our hopes and dreams have been battered to the point of submission and we simply give up. Whatever it is, all too many of us fail to take life’s lessons and use them when “Truth” or “opportunity” presents itself.

Today’s encouragement

Take a step back today and reflect on those major lessons that you’ve learned. What are you being prepared for, what is your calling? Because, I believe that you are being prepared and called into a unique moment. I hope that you found value in this writing. Leave a comment on what this quote means to you. I would love to connect.

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