ChemTrails: Where are They Leading You?

Chemtrails or Contrails
chemtrails from crop dusting plane. The plane is spraying pesticides on a field
Chemtrails from a crop duster.

Earlier today I saw a jet streaking through the sky. It is a very cold day in Southeast Michigan and chemtrails flowed from the exhaust of the engines. I enjoy that type of imagery yet I paused to reflect on the scene. Sadly, my first thought was of chemtrails, not contrails. A contrail is the vapor coming from the back of a jet engine which generally does not contain toxic chemicals. In contrast, a chemtrail looks like a vapor but actually is an application sprayed into the air which contain toxic chemicals.  In agriculture, pesticides and insecticides are sprayed onto a field with the intent to protect crops. Yet, there is an ugly truth to pesticides and insecticides. Many of the chemicals are toxic to our body and impact our health and functioning.

Chemtrails: Chlorpyrifos

Chlorpyrifos is one example. Chlorpyrifos is a pesticide and numerous studies demonstrate links to neurological problems, developmental disorders and autoimmune disorders. It is one of the most widely used pesticides in the United States. Pregnant women, exposed to chlorpyrifos during pregnancy, gave birth to children with higher rates of developmental delays and lower IQ scores. Research also revealed a connection between chlorpyrifos and behavior problems in children. For adults, exposure to chlorpyrifos can cause nausea, headaches and dizziness. Farmworkers, in particular, and others experience vomiting, muscle cramps, diarrhea, blurred vision, loss of consciousness and even paralysis.

Another form of chemtrails. This time down on the farm.

The Environmental Protection Agency studied the impact on our health for decades. Following years of debate, the EPA changed updated it’s risk assessment of chlorpyrifos. In October 2015, they proposed to removing the chemical from pesticides so that our fruits, vegetables and water would not be contaminated. Only now is the EPA attempting to ban the use of this pesticide.

Chemtrails and more

Pesticides are now found everywhere, from our food and soil, to water and even human breast milk. The toxins are associated with a spectrum of health disorders, including:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Cancer
  • Reproductive harm
  • Developmental delays
  • Endocrine disruption
  • Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)
  • Birth defects
  • Impaired brain development
  • autoimmune deficiencies

The Problem

The problem is this. Chlorpyrifos entered the agricultural market in 1965. It has been on the market for 52 years. There has been a lot of research regarding chlorpyrifos. In 2001, the EPA banned the chemical from lawn care products. And yet, the EPA took an additional 14 years to determine that chlorpyrifos should be banned from pesticides. In 2015, the EPA began the process to remove the chemical.

But, here is the real problem. Two generations of people have been continually exposed resulting in potentially damaging the health effects. Sadly, Chlorpyrifos is not the only example. Triclosan, glysophate, phosphate and dozens of other chemicals continue to lurk in pesticides, insecticides and the products.

what to do
Even squirrels know the difference between organic and non-organic.

We need a new paradigm. For a variety of reasons, we must limit exposure to the toxins. It is time to take responsibility over our diet and spending decisions. Simple shifts, such as eating organic foods, makes significant differences in our health and well being. A 2008 study found dramatic improvement of chlorpyrifos metabolites when children in the general population switched from conventional to organic diets. The Organic Effect experiment, conducted by the Coop Grocery chain in Sweden, demonstrated that almost all of the pesticides and chemicals in one family were eliminated within two weeks of eating an all organic diet.

Organic foods are growing in popularity yet only represent a small fraction of the amount sold in grocery stores. The demand for organic produce is expanding and will continue to rise. By organic, I mean non-toxic, wildcrafted nutritional products that enhance our health and our functioning, which results in assisting our bodies ability to heal. Can you really afford to wait and why would you take the chance? All it takes is a decision and a simple shift.



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