Six Great Content Marketing Tips

What does it take to be truly successful with your content marketing strategy?As a teacher of leadership and entrepreneurship, I am interested in learning the secrets of success. We all face challenges in our business or marketing endeavors, particularly in the area of content marketing. Yet occasionally you find a story in which the definition of “overcoming” is, well,  redefined. The story of Abdullahi Muhammed  is especially inspiring. Mr. Muhammed was born and raised in war torn Nigeria. He and his family experienced many life threatening situations and barely survived. In the region where he lived, he didn’t have access to the internet. But he had a dream create his own distributed content marketing company. He determination lead to “Sending cold pitches, doing SEO and guest posting to promote accounted for 80% of the success: getting to 50,000 monthly visitors, $9k monthly income and the eventual sale for $280k.”

Six Great Marketing Tips
  1. No Other Possible Option (NOPO): His is a story of making a commitment to succeed. His circumstances easily could have dictated that he not even begin his journey. Yet, he decided that his dream was bigger than the obstacles. There were no excuses that could prevent him for achieving his dream.
  2. Invest in yourself: You must invest in yourself and understand that there are others who have already blazed a trail. Look for the experts, attend webinars or live training. Seek out reading material and listen to podcasts wherever you can. Be intentional with your learning and always seek to improve.You don't learn to walk by following the rules. You learn by doing and by failing.
  3. Believe that someone is looking for you and create your target market: Your target market might change but you have to start somewhere. In content marketing, test to see what is creating an audience and prune away the rest. The more important thing is that as your market comes into focus, you will begin to find those who are looking for you. When that happens, you are building a brand.
  4. Be consistent and show up:  Your audience won’t find you if you are not looking for them. Consistency is critical. You must keep producing content purpose and focus toward your goal is vital.
  5. Market, market market: Much like the real estate adage, location, location, location you have to market your product, your brand. You can great content but if you
  6. Timing Beats Talent but Persistence Beats Timing: Regardless of when you begin your entrepreneurial journey persistence wins. Timing is huge, talent matters but the people who truly succeed are those that keep their eyes focused and keep moving toward their goal. Richard Branson once said: “You don’t learn to walk by following the rules. You learn by doing and by falling down.”

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