Home Based Business Leadership

Most home based business owners begin their venture with lots of enthusiasm, high hopes and huge dreams. Yet success does not come quickly or easily. Is success even possible? How is it that some make but many don’t.

There is a necessary ingredient in any business venture. Will power and the ability to handle objections and rejections make the difference for many in this industry. So, how do some do it? How do they succeed?

Home Based Business Leadership and Mindset

This industry forces you to grow. It will stretch you beyond what you thought that you were capable of. And it is a good thing. It is not an easy thing but, let me assure you, it is worth the effort. Leadership begins with each of us. In the beginning, we need our sponsor and/or a mentor to help us learn and get off to a fast start. Yet, at the end of the day, your business is YOUR business and no one else’s. You must develop and maintain your own motivation in order to achieve what you deserve to achieve.

My mentor, Dr. Doug Firebaugh, provided a great training on developing that internal leadership mindset that we need. We have to choose between our dreams and our excuses. There is an Acronym though that I believe will keep you on that path to success when you apply the principles everyday. The acronym, simply put, is SIMPLY and this message is derived from another training that Dr. Doug did.

Trust Yourself and Just START

Simly put: Part one

The S denotes a simple concept. Just START and get going and keep going. Sometimes we don’t know where to start, in part, because there is so much to grasp, to understand. Sometimes we become overwhelmed ¬†with too many things to do and it all becomes a jumbled mess. Just START and do something. Make the phone call to someone that you know you want to connect with. Make the Facebook post and connect with those who respond. Just START and do something.

The I stands for I AM Possible, not impossible. We have to develop the conviction that everything is possible and that this business is not that difficult. Create and maintain the notion of being positive. Negativity only brings you down.

M is for marketing. Every contact that we have should have an element of marketing. Our business, industry, is a numbers game. The more exposures that you have, the greater success you will experience. Even casual conversations in the grocery store present opportunities to hone your skills. The more we connect with others, the stronger we become in our confidence and our ability to communicate a message.

simply put: Part two

P simply stands for the Prophetic. Cast a vision and call out what you desire. Cast a vision and create your plan. Without a vision, and without a plan, you have no way of knowing where you’ve gone or if you even arrived at your destination. Cast the vision and make it big. Who hopes for something that is seen? We must hope for something that is unseen and march our way toward it.

L designates leadership and in this case, the leadership within. Generally we consider leadership to be the ability to influence others, in such a way, that they want to follow us. To influence so that someone will become a customer or join us as business partners. We have to be able to influence ourselves. Our job is not to lead others. It is to lead ourselves. When we are successful leading ourselves, then we will experience others wanting to follow us.

Y means looking for the yes. Yes, you read that correctly. We will experience a lot of rejection as we grow our business. Expect it. But also expect that the yeses will come and that they will be worth it.

Final thoughts

This is a great industry and it provides the hope that we can make a difference in the lives of so many other people. I believe that it was Zig Ziglar who said, “If you help enough people get what they want, then you will get what you want.” Fantastic advice and it is what this industry so great. We have an ability to fundamentally help others change their lives as we also change ours.

I hope that you found value in this article. What stands out for you? Leave a comment below and give me your thoughts.




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