5 Network Marketing Leadership Tips to Power Up Your Business

So here is a question for you! You’ve decided to start a home based business and the excitement is bubbling over. What do you do next? Here are 5 Network Marketing Leadership Tips to power up and to activate you business. What leadership characteristics do you need in order to drive your business forward?


treat people like a million dollars
Treat people like a million dollars and you will find gold.
Network Marketing Leadership Tips

Some people are natural born leaders. Others know that they are capable but don’t know how truly powerful they can be. Still others wonder if they are leaders yet are not sure of themselves. Understand this, by making the decision to begin your business have have already made a leadership decision. You are already a leader. Yet, no matter where you are on the leadership continuum, for your business to really grow, you must continually upgrade your leadership skills.

5 Leadership Tips


Ask yourself this question. What is leadership and what do I believe about it? In a traditional work environment, leadership is often defined by position,  rank or title. People are assigned to “report” to you and follow your direction. Leadership is a power relationship. Network marketing leadership is quite different. Your personal leadership can’t be about you, your success, your paycheck, or your rank advancement. Leadership must address something bigger than you and how you can help others achieve their hopes and dreams. Leadership is about the other person and helping them solve a problem in their live. It’s about changing their live, for the better. As you accomplish that, your life will also improve. My mentor, Dr. Doug Firebaugh says, “Keep the spotlight on them.”


According to Eric Worre, “The second quality you need as a leader is vision.  What is your vision for your organization?  What goals do you want to accomplish, and what are your reasons for doing this?” Your vision must be a big vision, big enough to inspire both you and others. Your vision must align with your leadership philosophy so that it is internally consistent. If you are not following you, practicing what you preach, then why would anyone else? When you focus on your vision, obstacles become smaller and recruiting becomes much easier. Do your dreams drive you or do your excuses hold you back?

Empower others to Influence them to follow
Influence creates power. Empower others to achieve their Hopes and Dreams
Cast your vision with others

In this industry, everything revolves around exposure. Cast your vision  so that others can see where you are going and where you want to take them. The key though, is to pull people into your reality. We’ve all experienced people pitching us, cramming information down our throats, to the point where we want to run. Seek to understand before being understood. Ask questions, take a genuine interest in the person that you are talking to, and then ask some more. Eventually you will have permission to talk about a solution to a problem that they’ve identified. And, not just any solution, but one that addresses their immediate need as well as their long term hopes and dreams.

be good at what you do

Maybe you are just starting out. But I believe that you are good enough at something to just get started. You have a business relationship with someone who can help compensate for weaknesses that you might have. Use your sponsor, or someone in your organization, who can help build the initial set of skills. Rest assured, though, that everyone in this industry must continually improve. Increasing your skills results in greater confidence in your message and helps connect others connect with you.

Most learning comes from doing. Be positive in your abilities and trust that results will follow. If you make mistakes or are unsure, then know that is normal. Skill development must be practiced. So, learn while doing and don’t wait. Your progress and growth will develop more quickly.

Replicate, Duplicate, and Multipy
Replicate, Duplicate, and Multiply
lead by example

The final Network Marketing Leadership Tip is this: Lead by example.  Your prospects, recruits and business partners will come to know, like and trust you more quickly and genuinely when they see you as practice what you preach. So, I would like to ask you this question: what is your main leadership responsibility? Is it motivate or inspire others? We teach people how to create success. We can’t teach them to WANT success. I have found that the best way to help someone WANT success is to be the inspiration. And you are the inspiration when you apply the above principles. Show people, by your personal example, that you are pursuing your hopes and dreams through the actions that you take. Others will follow you when they see that you are doing what you are asking them to do. We are meant to be a blessing to others, not their boss. Provide the hope, vision and belief in them. Make the spotlight about them by leading by example.

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