Stop, Drop and Roll: 10 Tips to Meet Your Goals in 2018

Goals for 2018Stop, Drop and roll: setting your goals for 2018

2017 has been a tremendous year. At the beginning of the year, several lofty goals that were set. As I have been reviewing the year and preparing for the New Year, I was reminded of a phrase from my children’s elementary school education. Stop, Drop and Roll. The original idea was to teach children how to evade the dangers of fire. Stop, Drop and Roll. Stop and review what happened in 2017, Drop those things that hindered you from achieving all that you planned, and Roll into 2018 with renewed vigor, determination and purpose.

Goal Setting Creates the path

Here are 10 Tips that will launch your business in 2018

  1. Drop the Sense of ENTITLEMENT. We all deserve to be successful. I truly believe that. But success has to be earned. Simply because you deserve it doesn’t mean that you will achieve it. You must take action, the proper steps to ensure a successful outcome. It is a journey and the only guarantee is that it won’t be easy.
  2. Drop the STRESS, particularly in the areas that you can’t control. Every one experiences situations that you can’t control. So, don’t waste your energy on the small stuff. You can only focus on what’s ahead and how you are going to get there.
  3. Drop the NEGATIVITY. Try this exercise. Ask your friends if you are a positive or a negative person. Then ask yourself if your friends are positive or negative. People tend to be like the five people they spend the most time with. Drop the negative and go find positive people.
  4. Drop the COMPARISONS. Take advantage of the journey that you are on. So many people compare themselves to others, and then become envious or jealous of others. Your focus needs to be on your goals and actions. Rejoice in who you are and who you are becoming.
  5. Drop the TIME MANAGEMENT Issues. Time is a precious commodity and once its gone, it will never return. We must develop the habit of focusing on the ONE thing that must be done and then, when that task has been completed, move on to the next ONE thing that must be done.
  6. Drop the IMPATIENCE. Be steady and purposeful and continue to progress. Possessing a sense of urgency is importance. But making steady progress is more important.
  7. Drop the LAZY ATTITUDE. Sometimes we want to take a break or simply resist doing what needs to be done. Your words have power. As Ray Higdon says, So, keep your word to others and to yourself. If you say you are going to do something, then by all means, do it.
  8. Drop the UNGRATEFUL ATTITUDE. We are living in the future right now. Events, emotions distractions happen so fast. Be grateful for all that you have and love the process. There is always someone who is in a worse circumstance than you.
  9. Drop the IMPOSSIBLE ATTITUDE and replace it with I M POSSIBLE. Henry Ford once said, If  you think you can, or think you can’t–you are right.
  10. Drop the EXCUSES. Success has a price and the price will be different for everyone.  Focus on the vision before you and  the excuses no longer become a barrier.
    Annual goals and long term goals

    I achieved much of what I set out to do in 2017. There were several goals that I didn’t attain. Dr. Doug Firebaugh offers this observation: “I didn’t fail. It was a learning experience.” Annual goals can be extended and made into future goals or long term goals. 2018 will be a great year. Just keep moving ahead.



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