Recruited Vs Sponsored: Grow Your Leadership Skills

Sponsored or Recruited

Recruiting vs sponsosringPeople brag all the time about how many people they have SPONSORED into a business. Today sharpen your thinking and highlight a significant difference. So listen up!
Recruiting is simply the process of marketing something in order to achieve a signup. For many, they are using a completely automated signup process. Even the on-boarding and training process is 100% automated with little to no personal interaction. The exception occurs when you must address frustrated and/or pissed off person.

Sponsoring is the process of recruiting someone into your business AND then personally helping them achieve success. This is a far more intricate task as you are purposely building a relationship. Their success is your success. Or, as Zig Ziglar once said,“You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”

You are spending time teaching and developing your team and helping them become leaders. Anyone claiming to be a SENSATIONAL SPONSOR without personal interaction is nothing more than a RECRUITER IN WOLVES’ CLOTHING! Be forewarned! You will not get the help and training you need to be successful.

Leadership? or Leadership!

Your PurposeAs a leader I put myself in front of my people and offer them assistance. I do zoom video conference calls and private training webinars for my team and others are invited to join. When I do, it often results in those personals bypassing their sponsor and seeking me out for assistance.

This happens because we have chosen to lead from the front. If you do hangouts and/or training webinars expect this to happen to you. When it does send them back to their REAL SPONSOR and please realize people may not have even tried to talk to their sponsor. In fact, their sponsor may have tried to reach out to them simply because they see your name on the webinar and they may believe you are the right person to contact.

I send these people back to their sponsor to ask their questions and if their sponsor cannot answer then I get both the personal and the sponsor on video conference and we share so the next time the sponsor can assist their team properly. This does two things mentally for the sponsor – it let’s them know they MUST help and they MUST know how to help and it lets the personal know that we are a team and together we will work hard to help you achieve their dreams!

We all want success in our lives and to see others experience the same. It is one thing that I love about relationship or network marketing. If done correctly, then everyone wins.

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