Quitting is Not an Option

Quitting is Not an OPTION

I believe that 2018 will go down as the Year of the Entrepreneur. Why? The recently enacted changes in the Federal Tax Code makes owning your own business more valuable than ever. “The pass-through income deduction rate is one of the provisions with the greatest potential for small businesses. With the right strategic planning, small business owners can get 20 percent deductions on income received from pass-through entities.” people are beginning to grasp the importance of these changes and the how to benefit from them. Yet, starting something new is relatively easy. But when struggles come along, quitting and doubt enter our minds. Here are 7 Tips that will guide you toward the success that you deserve.


Be the difference that you want to see! Make a decision and take that step.

7 Tips To Elevate Your Success

  1. Know Your Why: Understanding why you are beginning a new business venture is critical toward your long term success. Have you heard that “pain” pushes you? Yet, as pain pushes you to forward toward a goal, your “Vision” will coincidentally pull you forward. We must keep our eyes on your goal, not the obstacles and solutions will always present themselves. The temptation toward quitting what you’ve started will fade away.
  2. Be Authentically You:  One of the best pieces of advice that I ever received came from a pastor. He said this about dating relationships was this: “It’s not about finding the right person, it is about Being the right person. Then the right person will find you.” The same is true in how we brand our businesses and develop our marketing strategies. If we are being authentic to who we really are, then the right people, the right customers or business partners will find us. To be authentic in all that you do.
  3. Know Your Market Niche and Who Your Tribe is: I see so many people starting a business not really understanding who their unique market is. We must first understand what solution our company or products can solve for others. Then we need to find that subset of people within the marketplace (our Tribe) who are looking for what we offer. These are basic principles of Attraction Marketing.
  4. Take Massive Imperfect Action: Almost any business plan or idea can work if it has this one ingredient. You must have a plan and then implement it. Take Massive Imperfect action. Yes, there will be problems and things may not go initially. So what? Without action, we will go nowhere in our business. So Fail Your Way Forward. If someone rejects your product, service or offer, then so what? Some will, some won’t, so what, Next is a great phrase to remember.
  5. Build Your Own Brand: This is particularly true in the home business industry. It is also true for consultants, attorney’s, real estate agents, and others in the small business industry. Your business is your business and doesn’t belong to anyone else. There are many people who start their business believing that their business is the name of the company with which they are affiliated. This is not true. We may be “manufacturers representatives” of a company. But we do not share an ownership interest in that company. If that company goes away, which then leaves us in a precarious situation. Build your brand around who you are and what you represent. This strategy provides you with the flexibility to change, to grow into new opportunities without sacrificing your work that you put into your first business start-up.
  6. Comparison is the Thief of Joy: Some people start a new business venture and they experience quick success. Please don’t fall into that trap of comparing your results to those of others. Every business start up represents a journey and true success takes time to build. Some are able to build quickly, others experience quick success but then lose interest when they hit the first bump in the road. Quitting then becomes an option for them because they want everything to be easy. In order to Have, you must first Be, the Do. Be, do and have is part of the recipe for success.
  7. Quitting Won’t Get You There Either: One of the great ironies with frustration or quitting is that quitting won’t help you achieve your goal any faster either. Walt Disney’s story depicts this very well. He was not an overnight sensation. Watch this video to learn more about how he overcame adversity to ultimately become one of the most recognizable brands and business successes in American history. We can Fail our Way to success. I have yet to see someone quit their way to success.

How About You?

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    1. Walt Disney’s legacy will live on for generations. Amazing man and a true visionary. Just a great example of how you can achieve your dreams and goals when you don’t quit.

  1. Thank you for all of your valuable information, Thom! I did not know about the Pass Through Income deduction rate. I am glad I found your blog because that could really help me this year in my business. I will be watching for your next blog! 🙂

    1. yes, this is the Year of the Entrepreneur and a great time to get started. Thanks Laura. I appreciate the comments.

  2. This article has many good points. I like the comment, “fail your way to success.”. That is exactly what Walt Disney did. He never gave up his dream and he did achieve massive success. If you have a dream or goal, pursue it…
    Great article and the Disney video makes it very clear.

    1. His story is pretty amazing. He had a vision and was willing to do whatever it took. His legacy continues on, and will, for years to come.

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