Five Success Tips

In the words of economist Thomas Sowell, “Doing 90 percent of what is required is one of the biggest wastes, because you have nothing to show for all your efforts.” Instead you must develop the habit of staying committed and finishing strong. Here are 5 tips on how to overcome procrastination and achieve the success that you deserve.

15 Reasons Why Working From Home Makes Sense

There are many advantages to Working from Home and I came up with my top fifteen reasons. They are organized into five categories: Freedom and Flexibility, Financial Benefits: Saving and Making Money, Better Use of Time, Things You’ll No Longer Have to Worry About, and Health, Well Being and Peace of Mind.

The Truth About Toxic Chemicals

I came upon a shocking truth that simply blows my mind.  There is almost no government regulation in the personal care products industry.  That’s right, almost none!!!  Companies are not required to test chemicals for long term health effects on people.  You read that right!!!!!!  Companies are not required to test chemicals for long term …